The Passion Of Poetry By Langston Hughes Essay

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Poetry is a way of expressing emotions, feelings, thoughts or a specific passion on paper. The passion of poetry grows on people the more they continue to write. Some devices can be used to create rhythm such as repetition, syllable variation, and rhyming. Other devices such as sound, theme, imagery, etc. can be used to introduce something, someone, or a specific emotion the poet wants to introduce. Using these devices at the right time can improve a poems structure and provide a better understanding for the reader.

Langston Hughes was an American poet, he was one of the innovators of a literary art form called jazz poetry. During Hughes time jazz poetry was a new type of poetry. Hughes once wrote a poem called “mother to son”, before reading the poem, one can say that it will be about a mother and her son. The “mom” seems to be the person speaking to the “son”. Throughout the poem she throws in metaphors, she compares her unpleasantly life to a rigid old stair case with splinters and torn up boards. The splinters and torn up boards are the trials and tribulations she has encountered during her journey to make it through life and her life being the stair case. Hughes uses a lot of imagery to engrave the image of the old beat up stair case in the readers head. Once the reader captures the image in his or hers head the poem will start to unfold because everything always makes more sense when it is vivid. Every little detail in poetry counts, that is why imagery plays a huge…

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