The Passion Narratives Of The Four Gospels Essay

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Even though the Passion Narratives of the four Gospels are very alike in numerous of ways, there are also many important differences among them.The three Synoptic Gospels correlate with one another (because Matthew and Luke go off of Mark), while John’s writings are much different, especially when it comes to chronology. Also, while Matthew and Mark are very similar to each other and almost the same, Luke is different from them and is more similar to John. In addition, an unspecified amount of details, or ever whole episodes, are discovered in only one of the four Gospels. In this research paper, the points that will be discussed will be about the passion narratives and how it is described in the four Gospels.
A “passion narrative” is a term that refers to the accounts given in the canonical gospels of the suffering and death of Jesus. Many scholars describe the passion narratives as beginning with Jesus’ mental and physical suffering and arrest in Gethsemane and concluding with his burial. The sections that these narratives are talked about would all be found in Matthew 26:30-27:66, Mark 14:26-15:47, Luke 22:39-23:59, and John 18:1-19:42. Furthermore to the gospels of the New Testament, noncanonical texts recounting the death of Jesus, of which the incomplete Gospel of Peter stands at the forefront, have in recent decades used vital roles in scholarship on the passion. Other material that talks about Jesus’ death, such as non narrative material, has also something to do…

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