The Passing Of The Affordable Care Act Essay

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Healthcare providers are being urged to alter their healthcare practices to adapt to the changing landscape of healthcare delivery. The passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has motivated healthcare administrators and providers to start to alter the method in which services are provided and have outlined new incentives to improve quality. The ACA also promotes innovation in improving quality and delivery of healthcare services while remaining cost effective. Healthcare organizations and providers will need to be innovative to meet the new requirements and incentives under the ACA with the aim of continuing to be successful.

The passage of the ACA has prompted state officials to expand their Medicaid programs with the goal of accommodating more individuals and families with healthcare insurance options. In order to improve the overall system, state officials are looking for new methods to improve delivery of care, augment prevention and disease management, minimize preventable utilization, control costs, and enhance healthcare outcomes (Silow-Carroll, Edwards, & Rodin, 2013). Traditionally, the federal government establishes regulations, statutes, and policies for Medicaid, whereas each state determines their own standards for eligibility, specifics of services, administration, and rate of payment for services (Longest, 2010). With the expansion of Medicaid, public administrators are searching for innovative approaches to contain costs while providing quality…

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