Essay on The Passage Of The Affordable Care Act

2048 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has compelled individuals to be more conscious of their health care decisions. The public has become better consumers of health care by utilizing resources to investigate their health care providers and comparing pricing for other health care services, like radiology procedures and surgery centers. The internet provides websites in which consumers can explore and examine various options that can impact their health care decisions. Health care administrators, as well as consumers, must be aware of the resources that are available to the public and the factors that are used to comprise health care decisions.

Traditionally, health care decisions were based by a fee-for-service model, were individuals obtained health care insurance mostly through their places of work. Many people were not able to obtain health care insurance because of the high expense or pre-existing conditions excluded them from coverage. With the passage of the ACA, the public has become more aware of their health care decisions and have started comparing prices of health care services to be better consumers.
Within the current health care market, policy makers have become an active participant in health policies. Health care policies have exhibited a combination of the public and self-interested groups (Longest, 2010). Public health care policies have developed from the demand from the public, structured interest groups, and other organizations to…

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