The Passage From Lysistrata Between The Commissioner And Lysistrata

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The passage is a good viewpoint into the mindset of the viewer ship at that time. It makes outlandish remarks about both genders, while backing the statement up with a little explanation. The theme that is developed is sexual tension. A thematic question that is raised would be, are men only interested in going to war and them coming home and bedding a woman no matter who she is, almost like it’s a right he gained. Another thematic question would be; a woman is only desirable when she is young rather, not when she sets older; but on the other hand a man can age all he wants and pick any woman he wants. The point of this brief passage from Lysistrata between the Commissioner and Lysistrata is to show the different ways that men and women viewed reproduction at that time.
Lets start by even looking at the first line in the passage from the commissioner, he is trying to make the point that women have been regarded as ageing well, and men are compared to them. “As well as women”, shows the fact that he is trying to position himself as saying women age better, while still pointing that “Men ... age”. This can not be over looked either, since this was a male centric time period in which this play was written, it starts off with a man trying to say that men are measured against women when it comes to aging. After making this point Lysistrata comes back at him, saying that he is completely wrong. She is rather quick to halt the commissioner in what he is saying and to make her own…

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