The Passage College Pressures By William Zinsser Essay

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In the passage College Pressures by William Zinsser, he talks about college students and all the pressure they face that not only affect their education, but their personal life as well. In the text Zinsser identifies four kinds of pressure: Economic pressure, Parental pressure, Peer-pressure, and Self induced pressure. Zinsser’s claims about the college pressures students face are very accurate and relatable, not to just one student or an abundance of students… but all college students. College puts pressures on anyone. Some experience less pressures than others, for example some might experience peer-pressure while others don’t experience peer pressure because they are the individuals putting the pressure on others. On the other hand some students may experience all four types of pressures Zinsser identifies.
I personally experience three out of the four pressures. The only pressure I don’t experience is peer-pressure. I don’t fall into peer pressure because I personally just don’t care what people might think if I don’t do what everyone else is doing. I act as my own person and that’s how I have always been. Barely having money puts pressure and stress on anyone. Not having enough money to do laundry, trying to find ways to make money if a student is really too busy to do work- study, and just to graduate and be fresh out of college already in thousands of dollars in debt. The pressure is definitely on. Parental pressure is probably the most stressing pressure out of…

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