The Pass Of Thermopylae : The Second Part Of The Empire Essay

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Since early history, the concept of conquering vast amounts of land to either establish or expand an empire has been very prominent. One of the biggest part of any empire and their success relies greatly on its military system, as it is crucial in protecting their land and keeping invaders and rebellions away. While most of the empires had similar military strategies and battle techniques, some of them progressed over time and advanced to newer, better technologies that would aid them during war. The pass of Thermopylae, a famous battle fought between the Greek polis Sparta versus the Persians shows how these new technologies and battle strategies, at that time, were advantageous or disadvantageous to different empires. The Spartans had a strong army of men willing to fight in the battle; they were advanced fighters as learning how to fight at a young age was in their norms. The Persians on the other hand had a very large army due to their vast empire, but most of their soldiers were not Persians, and they were not as well trained or motivated as the Spartans. Although the Spartans were eventually defeated by the Persian soldiers, the Spartans were still much better fighters and militarily advanced than the Persians. If the Spartans had a large army like the Persians, the Spartans could have been victorious in many battles including the pass of Thermopylae. The Persians had a vast empire that expanded from many part of Europe all the way to Africa as well as Asia (See Fig…

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