The Party 's Favorite By George Orwell Essay

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The Party’s Favorite Children are often pitted against the adults in the Classic novel 1984, by George Orwell. The Party tends to shape and mold the children into what the Party wants them to become so they can benefit Big Brother. The Party loves when a child turns out the correct way and remains loyal to the government. Parents put their kids into training for Child Spies so that they can help locate anyone committing thoughtcrime or going against what Big Brother says. Children often listen at keyholes, have labels such as Child Heroes, and their temperaments consist of spoiled and rude behavior. One can see that the Party clearly favors children above adults as they have the ability to shape the young minds of the kids into what the government wants.
Throughout the book, the audience gets glimpses of Winton’s past with his family, which consisted of a little sister and his mother. His dad had disappeared, so Winston assumed the Party vaporized him. Winston’s family didn 't have much money to buy the things that they needed and they never had enough food. Winston felt that since his dad had disappeared and he became the male of the family, he deserved to have more food than his mother and sister. He would steal their food since they did not have enough to eat and he never got enough food in his belly, leaving him with constant hunger. His mother tried to humor him by giving him the majority of the food and leaving small portions for herself and her daughter, but it…

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