The Parenting Styles And Explain How Each Has Been Shown Essay

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Module 3: Chapter Questions (chapters 9-11)
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1. Chapter 9: List and define the FOUR parenting styles AND explain how each has been shown to affect children.
• The authoritarian parenting style is restrictive, places firm boundaries on the child, and does not allow children to have much to say in decision. This parenting style affects children in a negative way; they tend to feel unhappy, anxious and fearful.
• The authoritative parenting style encourages children to be independent thinkers and gives them choices among a defined set a boundaries (both highly demanding and responsive). This parenting style affect children in a positive way: they tend to have self-control, self- reliance and more socially competent.
• The neglectful parenting style is one in which parents are uninvolved with their children (neither demanding nor responsive). These children are usually socially incompetent and lack a sense of self-control.
• The permissive parenting style is one in which parents are highly involved in their children’s life but few demands are placed on them (highly responsive, but not demanding). Too much of anything is never good for you. These children tend to lack social incompetent and self-control.

2. Chapter 9: Describe the consequences children and adolescents may face if they do not receive adequate sleep.
• A few consequences that children and adolescents experience; are…

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