The Parenthood Of Southeastern Pennsylvania V. Casey Case Essay

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The Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey case, resulted in women’s basic liberties being overtaken by the state’s interests. As a result, states can continue to restrict a women from having an abortion after their interpretation of when fetal viability occurs. The court’s ruling ultimately is unconstitutional, as the basic reproductive rights have been taken away from women. The state’s interest in the development of unborn fetuses, along with their interpretations of when viability occurs, ultimately infringes upon women’s liberties that are granted by the fourteenth amendment. Therefore, it is imperative that states eradicate any restrictions preventing women from being the sole determinate in the outcome of their unborn fetus(s) until after its birth.
Effects of Forced Motherhood
The mother-child relationship (PCR) is indispensable to the development of children. However, unwanted childbearing is a complex issue and poses a great threat to the relationship — as it includes psychological, economic, social, emotional factors that can negatively effect the well-being of a family. Psychologically, for the mother, unwanted pregnancy has been associated with depression and self-destructive behavior (Grimes, 2015). Economically, families of mothers who were denied abortions were less likely to be employed full-time and more than likely to be living in poverty (Foster, 2012). During the Turnaway Study, nearly one-thousand women who had been denied…

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