The Parent Trap Film Analysis

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Assalam and Good morning to our dearest lecturer, Miss Nazratul Akmal and my beloved friends. On this beautiful morning, I’m going to present you the most fascinating film that I have watched, The Parent Trap. The film was released on 20 July 1998 in United States, directed by Nancy Meyers and produced by Charles Shyer under Walt Disney Pictures. It was written by Charles Shyer & Nancy Meyers themselves. The 128-minute film features a comedy-drama-romance genre. Here, I am going to share with you
Now, let me tell you the cast of the film. The main characters are Annie James and Hallie Parker which is played by Lindsay Lohan. Annie is much more mature and proper meanwhile Hallie is cool and childish. Their parents, Nichloas Parker also called
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In order to make the twin sisters out of one Lindsay Lohan, the filmmakers utilized state-of-the-art visual effects techniques. Motion control cameras, digital compositing, advanced ear pieces and gifted technicians can create the illusion of twins in a much more natural setting.
The brilliant screenplay shows good play of language. For example, when Hallie asks how far London is to Annie, Annie answer “From here - six thousand miles. But sometimes, it seems much further.”
Furthermore, The Parent Trap portrays many good values. One of the values is determination. Hallie and Annie are really persuade to bring her parents together. Eventhough, in the middle of the story, they are surprised to see her father is already engaged with Meredith but in the end, they successfully bring their family back together again. This value tell us how important to put all your effort in doing something until you achieve it.
The lesson that I learned from the film is it is importance to be honest with our family. After Hallie confess about she changes place with Annie to her mother, Elizabeth is really delightful to know it is her twin daughter, Hallie with her at that time. Here I can say that being honest is not a bad thing but it can bring us

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