The Pardoner 's Tale Of Canterbury Tales Essay examples

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The Pardoner’s Tale is one of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. The Pardoner’s tale come after The Physician’s Tale and before the Shipman’s Tale. The tale is prompted by a host’s desire to hear a funny story to cheer everyone up. The pilgrims, knowing who the Pardoner was ask him to tell a story of moral virtue. The prologue is seen as a confession and rather than apologizing for all that the Pardoner has done, instead he boasted about it. Chaucer’s Pardoner is not a very good person. He has a love for money. He is very conniving and greedy. In modern times he would be called a con artist because of how he manipulates people to get what he wants. He wasn’t a good person at all and it is shown more when he begins to boast about all his victims. The Pardoner shows his true character when he began to tell the tale about how his manipulates people. How preaching sermon in order for people to give him money. He talks about how he shows his pardons along with his permission to preach to the clergy so they won’t hassle him. That’s when he begins to tell his tales. He begins to lie to the people in order to gain trust from them.
In these very few instances as The Pardoner is talking about what he does, his character becomes even clearer. The Pardoner is not a good guy at all because he lies to people to get them to give him money. He pretends to be a man doing Christ’s holy work but instead he is really looking for personal gain. The more the Pardoner begins to reveal…

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