Paraveterinary Worker Career Paper

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Paraveterinary workers have assisted veterinarians since the 1900s and still play an important role in the medical field. This paper will discuss everything about the Paraveterinary worker career such as the history of the career, the duties and responsibilities, the job environment, job qualifications, education, earnings, the nature of the job, job openings and locations, and other common titles of this career. I chose this topic because I have all ways been fond of animals and animal health. I hope that this paper will give a better understanding of the paraveterinary worker career. Paraveterinary workers are people who assist veterinarians and help them during procedures. Though they are not only called paraveterinary workers, other common titles include veterinary technician, veterinary nurse, veterinary assistant, and veterinary technologist. Two of these titles, veterinary assistant and veterinary …show more content…
The only school available in my area is Globe University & Minnesota School of Business. This school would provide me with the education and training I need to become a paraveterinary worker. To become a paraveterinary worker certain qualifications must be met. One qualification required is a two year Associate's Degree in veterinary technology. The other degree required is a Bachelor's Degree of Science in veterinary technology. They are also required to complete clinical training, which is hands on training with animals. Another qualification needed is health and physical. Paraveterinary workers must be able to lift animals large and small onto examination tables for treatment. These are the qualifications needed to become a paraveterinary worker. There are several veterinary clinics and hospitals in the Eau Claire and surrounding areas. These clinics and hospitals require paraveterinary workers to assist in providing care for local

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