The Paranoid Student : The Schizophrenic Student Essay

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The Schizophrenic Student Imagine a world where a young child is starting the first day of third grade. Acclimating to a new town, a new home, a new school and now the child has moved away from close family. Even the boldest of young children would have some apprehension the first few days of school. There is a need to fit in, make friends, and impress the teachers. Hands become sweaty; the stomach feels sick, begging Mom to stay home would not work. This young and new to the school third grader survives the first day, the first week, the first few months. Friends are made and a smile greets the bus driver each morning. Now flip the switch. Another young and new to the school student who has those same apprehensions now has an added twist. Everyone is looking, laughing, pointing to others, and talking about this child. Fear and confusion dominate this third graders mind as to why this happens. Right then it becomes clear. This individual is different. Is everyone really looking, laughing, pointing, and talking about this child or maybe not? The scared little third grader tries to calm the anxiety but panic is real and there is not one person on earth that understands what is happening. Others may not even realize there is even an issue. Childhood schizophrenia is the worst case scenario for an individual diagnosed with this hear breaking disease. How does this terrible disease effect our children in the learning environment, and what can we do to help them?…

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