The Parallels Of Self Preservation Essay

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Human or Animal Instinct? The Parallels of Self-Preservation
Animal Farm by George Orwell, unprecedented in its time and ground-breaking in it its relevance to humanity today, is a social commentary on communism and capitalism, and can be applied to today 's modern society with its themes of self-preservation and human nature. With its allegorical characters, such as Benjamin the donkey, and strong parallels we can find a deeper understanding in how our world deals with similar issues to the novel. We can see through Benjamin’s disinterest and cynical view on the rebellion, as well on his lack of involvement in helping the other animals on the farm, that his use of self-preservation shares similarities to the issues of police-brutality in today 's society.
The use of the phrase “‘Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey.’” used by Benjamin throughout the book is a clear indicator that self-preservation is being used to his advantage (Orwell 38). By stating this very early on in Benjamin’s character arc, we can see that Benjamin has been doing something to further the rate of his survival that makes him different than all the other animals, that being self-preservation. From the sheep who blatantly follow the leadership of Napoleon, in stating the mantra “Four legs good, two legs bad” constantly, to Boxer whose work ethic compares to no other (“I will work harder”) Benjamin is seen as one of the only animals who does very little for the farm or the…

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