The Paradoxical Twins Case Study Essay

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Introduction on the “The Paradoxical Twins”
The Paradoxical twins case study tells about two companies Acme & Omega who were part of the same firm i.e. Technological Products of Erie, Pennsylvania” before being sold by the Cleveland manufacture to two different investors. Since two different individuals bought the firm and renamed them to Acme and Omega. Acme retained its original management & upgraded the factory’s general manager to the president who would handle its day-to-day operations. While on the other hand Omega hired a new president who had been a director of a large electronic research company. Since both the companies were into chips and circuit boards, they competed for the same kind of contracts. Since the electrical boom and digitization happening around the world both companies were benefitting from the boom.
Since Acme retained original management and promoted GM to president. They had a well-defined organizational structure and top management often took decisions without consulting manufacturing department. Also they had well-defined job roles & responsibilities and also certain authority was provided to them to make decisions, which benefitted the company. Since Omega hired new president and upgraded several existing personnel within plant. They dint have a organizational structure and they believed that Organizational chart was like a artificial barrier between specialists in the team. Their leader wanted a very participative management style of…

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