The Paradoxical Twins: Acme and Omega Electronics Essay

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OC Report “The paradoxical twins: Acme and Omega electronics”

Lamees Mohamed (13-7958) Manal Mohamed (13-7381) Maie Emad (13-7896)

Group No: T1

In 1986 a Cleveland manufacture bought Technological Products and subsequently sold the electronics division to separate investors that manufactured computer chips and printed circuit boards. One of the investors renamed their company Acme Electronics and the other investor renamed their company Omega Electronics, Inc. The Acme Company retained its original management team and promoted the general manager to president. The Omega Company hired a new president and upgraded
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The two companies’ level of environmental uncertainty Uncertainty: is the lack of information about environmental elements and there is a difficulty in estimating changes. It includes two dimensions:
First: simple complex Dimension which refers to heterogeneity as there is a large number of external dissimilar elements. In our case both companies Acme and Omega are believed to be complex as they are electronic firms deal with external changing environment.
Second: Stable unstable Dimension which refers to the continuous change of environmental elements as they change unpredictably. In our case both companies have complex unstable environment and therefore they have high uncertainty.

The structure for each company should:
Acme and Omega should be learning organizations in

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