The Parable Of The Sower Essay

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“The history of utopian thought and literature refracts a broad range of dichotomies: rich versus poor, rural versus urban, past versus future, war versus peace, wilderness versus civilization, high-tech versus low-tech,” described Hallman in his work, In Utopia (Hallman 6). Essentially, the contrast between two polar ideas embodies the idea of utopias and dystopias. Though those two polar ideas could resonate with disparate people, furthering the notion that each version of a utopia substantially depends on each person 's point of view. Thus, causing conflict and division as multiple concepts clash due to the contrast in ideas and ultimately promoting a thoughtful dialogue between the readers and the novels.
In Butler’s The Parable of the Sower, Lauren, the young female protagonist who possesses hyperacute empathy, attempts to survive in a world consumed by chaos. After losing her family, Lauren and a small, ethnically diverse group migrate toward northern California in order to escape the drought-stricken and crime-ridden Los Angeles area. While continuing her journey to a more hospitable location, the story revolves around Lauren’s development and reflects on her unique religion as she attempts to survive in a hostile world.
Ultimately, the blog focuses on applying multiple themes to a range of novels in order to further the intriguing dialogue created by each dystopian world. These themes consist of the use of power, authoritarian governments, and the importance of…

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