The Paper Bag Princess

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This charming story reverses the typical roles within a children’s book. With underlying issues of stereotypes, independence and empowerment, it fills children with imagination and teaches them the importance of being strong, smart, and the realization that beauty comes from within.

A prince is kidnapped by a dangerous dragon, as the dragon’s fiery breath burns up all the clothes in the palace the princess who loves the prince is left with only finding a paper bag to wear as she goes to rescue her love. By cleverly tricking the dragon, she enters the cave where the prince, still beautifully dressed, is held captive. She recues him, and is true love rewarded? No! The prince complains that she is a disaster, badly dressed, dirty and
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In tying in with the role reversal of prince rescues princess, this book also illustrates the importance of appreciating what you have. The princess was beautiful, she lived in a castle, had expensive clothes, and pretty much everything she could ask for. Until it was all taken away and she was left with nothing but a paper bag. Appreciating what you have, was shown after the princess had saved the prince from the fire breathing dragon. With his show of appreciation or lack thereof the prince states that he cannot marry the princess because she was a mess, she smelt like ashes, her hair was all tangled, and to top it off she was wearing a dirty old paper bag. Even after the strength that the princess has shown by being able to save her prince, he was still unable to look within and see that the princess had beauty within even though she had nothing left. Although the princess lost most of her possession, she did not lose her sense of character. This story teaches children that being any richer or poorer shouldn’t ultimately decide what type of person you are, but it is more of what you do that defines your character. It also gives them an understanding that it sometimes takes a tough situation to really discover oneself and to also discover others in the process.

By using children’s books in the classroom to help teach students understand and learn,

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