The Palm Beach Program Essay

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Next, the book moves to “acting politically” which is defined as being aware of the boundaries of my authority and the interest of stakeholders and using my authority to network in the organization to influence others. The author gives six guidelines to acting politically and they are expanding your informal authority, find allies, stay connected to the opposition, manage authority figures, take responsibilities for casualties, and protect and engage the voices of dissent. I have informal authority in the Palm Beach program and I have been working on expanding the authority since I have returned to work. There has been a large turnover in middle management and middle management finds it hard to trust co-workers. I am working on increasing my political savvies by acknowledging special days for people through a personal note. As I reflect on the guidelines, I believe it would be difficult to manage authority figures. My employer is very top heavy in management and if you even look wrong management may suggest that you be written up or even fired. For the most part, I interact with middle management and I do have some influences; however, I am not sure I would want to use that influence on a system that is content with the status quo. Moreover, part three explains orchestrating conflict and the idea of this makes me uncomfortable. However, as I read the 7 steps in orchestrating conflict, The steps reminded me of grief counseling groups in which…

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