The Palestine 's Dietary Law Essay

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Life in Year One with the Palestinians was very different than how life is now to this present day. This book tells about how life was back in year one. It shares their personal life of what they went through and their lifestyle. It talks about the different religions and how women were treated differently than men. This book will definitely be interesting.
The Palestinians mostly practiced the Jewish religion. In the first Palestine they did not eat pigs, which was how it essentially been. They also did not eat animal carcasses, including vultures, pigs, ravens, seagulls, and hawks. They could not eat animals that swarm on the ground like lizards, rodents, and a lot of other insect. Animals they could eat were the ones with cloven hoofs including cows but not pigs, and fish with scales or fins. They also could eat any different type of plant or fruit. This was the Palestine’s dietary law. In the case of pigs cultural historians have tried to argue that that pigs are “unclean.” They ate olive oil, frogs, dates, pomegranates, legumes, cheese, and many kinds of butter. They drunk cow and goat milk fresh.
People in the first century had to deal with lots of filth of every kind imaginable. Back then there were two different kinds of dirty also meaning that there were two different kinds of clean. Water was important when making one clean. One type of cleaning made one cleaner and the other made one cleaner and distinctly Jewish. The first type of cleanliness involved washing…

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