The Paleolithic And Old Stone Age Era Essay

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The first people that inhabited the Earth were the Paleolithic people during the paleolithic or “old stone age era”. The Paleolithic people’s main source of income was hunting and gathering, and they lived in egalitarian societies where men and women were equal. The plants women gathered made up about 70% of the food the families ate while the meat men brought only made up for about 30%. These people did not need much so they barely put in any hard work or effort, and just got what they needed. Since there was not much to do for them they had a plethora of leisure time. After some time animals that they hunted began to disappear and become extinct and since they did not have a surplus of food they could not maintain high populations. Overhunting became a major problem to paleolithic people since it was evident that they killed to extinction large animals and flightless birds shortening their food supply on that are forcing them to migrate.

Paleolithic people after some time discovered how to set fires, and that might have began global warming. As global warming began, the extinction of animals that paleolithic people hunted began to increase. It is not known what started the neolithic revolution or “new stone age” but it could have been global warming, or the extinction of animals that forced them to find new ways to get food. Global warming made the Earth’s climate more suitable for new plants to emerge and make agriculture easier for them and that began the…

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