Great Britain Responsible For The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Case Study

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116,074 people have been killed through the Palestinian-Israeli conflict ( Britain is responsible for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, because they didn’t thoroughly plan how to govern the area in dispute. This is shown through the various treaties they made during WW1 and the lack of control during their mandate. In 1915, the British under the McMahon agreement to King Hussein promised the Arabs the land they had lived in before the Turks came, in exchange for a revolt against the Turks. The British had not properly thought this through because in the letter which was sent it is said that Britain will recognize and support the independence of the Arabs in any region demanded. This meant that Britain had made …show more content…
Britain was worried with Hitler's expansion into Europe, so they had little time to worry on these matters. This shows how Britain had done a bad job at their mandate and that the Jews had not got assistance from the British government even if the Balfour declaration said they had to. This was an enormous setback for the Jewish movement as is described by the Jewish Agency for Palestine in a critical report saying that Britain had abandoned them in the face of their “darkest times”. This quote is important because it points towards the first Jewish break away from reliance on a ‘Great power’, therefore there was no confidence in the British meaning that both groups (Arabs-Jews) from there on out did things in a lonely wolf style. This was the British’s final mistake, and I believe the unravelling of their mandate. In 1947 Britain had given up on their mandate and with help from the UN, Palestine was partitioned between the Arabs and the Jews. This shows that the conflict had been caused by the British government due to their inability to communicate and lack of control over the mandate. It shows how even a great state can wane at times, but of course Britain is not often blamed because they are a major globally influential country meaning that they have a factor of control over the rumours. Would you have made the same mistakes as the British, if you were in

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