The Palace Of Versailles By Louis Xiv Essay

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The palace of Versailles, known for its splendid architecture and grand gardens, was not always just a pretty face. It housed a ruler that was ready to take over all of Europe, and the palace was his way do it. There is no question that Louis XIV of France achieved his goal of absolutistic rule. However, how did his residence play a role in creating this government for his nation? The architecture and centralized government, the Edict of Fontainebleau and the other decisions made within the palace all contributed to its influence on the French government. The Palace of Versailles was a symbol for absolutism and increased the French people 's discontent with the monarchy through the grandeur that was the outside appearance and the events that occurred inside the palace.

Without a doubt, the Palace of Versailles was an architectural feat for it’s time. Having moved to this once hunting chateau on May 6, 1862 after a childhood of civil war between high nobility, King Louis XIV of France wanted to establish a residence where he could have complete rule over his nation. This was done by making Versailles into an inspiration for not only French people but also for English nobility. The renovations of Versailles went on from 1664 until 1710 and made Versailles into, as Dora Wiebenson stated, “a huge manifestation of authority and centralized power.” Power flowed outward from the king by having the palace constructed with the King’s bed in the center, and everything else built…

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