Essay on The Pain Of Losing A Love

1225 Words Dec 20th, 2015 null Page
I never understood how people handle the pain of losing a love one and how difficult the suffering would be for a person. On my part I felt they pain, and love, but never understood it. The first time I ever experience this kind of hurt is when my mother died, I never knew that losing her would cost me a lot of unbearable fear, that’s when I started understanding others pain of losing someone they loved. I have tried to explain this pain I feel, but this nothing in this world that can cover the hurt I feel about my dear mother. I could not take on all this suffering, it started tearing me apart, one minute I’m happy, the next tears are running down my face every time I think of her. I said, maybe time could ease my pain, but I would soon see that time is not on my side.
Sometimes I would go sit in her bedroom and reminisces, every day about her siting in her room laughing and watching her favorite movies. As I was sitting there I start to thinking about reality, as it was; sitting there I was day dreaming of her and all she did for me. On the outside I look like I was happy, and on the inside I was turn up, no one could every see the pain I hide. Then I started feeling empty in side and realize I have no more parents. So when my mother died a part of me died with her. I have never been so devastation in my life; because my father died before I was born, so I never felt that kind of hurt before.
I will never let go of my mother’s memory. I see her every time I look in the…

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