The Overuse Of Antibiotics On Factory Farms Essay

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The Overuse of Antibiotics on Factory Farms In 2015, a fellow student from my high school do was diagnosed, whose name has been left out, with a type of E. coli. The doctors realized that this strain of E. coli was resistant to antibiotics and there were no antibiotics that could be given to her to help with the illness. The sickness forced her to miss major portions of her senior year. She was in the hospital for six months as the doctors waited to see if her body’s immune system was able to fight the bacteria off. She was able to heal and come back to school after being hospitalized for a majority of the year but she was not the same afterwards. She wore a face mask every day in the school, terrified of catching another illness that had become resistant to the antibiotics that the hospitals could use to treat it. In the early 1900s, Farmers were considered a minority in the United States; the available farmers found it hard to keep up pace with demands of production placed on them by the American people according to Maureen Ogle, the author of “Riots, Rage and Resistance: A Brief History of How Antibiotics Arrived on the Farm”. To keep up with the high demand and the needs to run a farm, the farmers during this time increased the prices on many items that they were producing; meat was one of these items that the price escalated which irritated the consumers (Ogle). To eliminate this arising problem, scientists that focused on animals got involved to figure out a way to…

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