Essay on The Overseas Nurses Programme

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In recent years, reflection without any doubt has become the principal concept in nursing, provoking or arousing/ stimulating debate which is definitely changing the way we practice and the way how nursing is being taught all over the world. The process of reflection is said to be a skill which is fused into clinical practise, which prepares the practitioners to undertake their role in a more diplomatic way and learn to figure out the problems (Mantzoukas and Jasper, 2004 ). Health care professionals recently has to work in a very complicated and in a quick developing health care system, for which they have to constantly replenish and update their knowledge and skills , and is in demand of solving complex cases with equally more challenging healthcare problems ( al, 2007). As a part of the requirement of the Overseas Nurses Programme, I have chosen three learning outcomes which are17 (Communicates effectively and sensitively in different settings, using a range of methods and skills), 27(Applies research based evidence to practice), 77(Understands common routes and techniques of medicine administration including absorption, metabolism, adverse reactions and interactions), which would be explained further down in my essay using the Gibbs model of reflection. Reflective practice could be explained as a method of making sense of what has happened, the situations one is in and the needed response which occurs in one’s workplace (Oelofsen, 2012). In other words,…

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