The Overproduction Of Corn In The Modern World

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In today’s world, many cultures and societies have changed their way of living, for benefits in economics and many types of productions. The overproduction of corn is one such alteration to modern life. Corn has been grown to an excessive amounts, which is increasing almost constantly. This overproduction of corn has led to many different uses of corn, such as high fructose corn syrup, which is used as a substitute for natural sugars. One specific piece of information that most all of society is incapable of noticing is that high fructose corn syrup is a leading cause of obesity. There are many ways that we can incapacitate this use of corn, such as resorting to the use of natural sugars once again, or by eliminating the problem from its source: …show more content…
Corn is hailed as the most profitable and useful crop in modern day society, and is praised by our government. What is the reason for this upbringing of corn? The cheap and disposable uses of this crop. The government has resorted to subsidizing the production of corn, and as a consequence, more farmers have begun to utilize this extra resources it receives from the government. Although this master plot to the agricultural demise by the use of corn seems to be diabolical already, it would seem that the situation only gets worse. Stated in “When a Crop Becomes King,” the author Michael Pollan resides on his statement that, “At first blush this subsidy might look like a handout for farmers, but really it’s a form of welfare for the plant itself—and for all those economic interests that profit from its overproduction: the processors, factory farms, and the soft drink and snack makers that rely on cheap corn.” In a brief summary of what Pollan just described, he is stating that corn and the companies that find relief in the use of corn, rely on the subsidies provided by the government. What Pollan discussed is very relevant in regards to being able to resolve this corn outbreak, because he states that one of the only reasons why corn is in such a large supply is because the government subsidizes the crop in order for the ranchers who grow corn can make more

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