The Outsiders Comparison Essay

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How can people be so different but at the same time alike? How can two people that come from a similar environment be so different? In S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders, two characters are alike yet unlike each other. Johnny Cade and Dally Winston are similar because they care about one another deeply and have abusive parents. The two boys have contrasting points of view and criminal records. Thus, Johnny Cade and Dally Winston have vast differences, but have compelling similarities.

Johnny Cade and Dally Winston have very compelling similarities which one is that they both care about each other deeply. For instance, Johnny admires Dally and wants to be like him. Johnny thinks of him as the big brother he never had. Ponyboy thinks, “I realized
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In particular, Johnny has no record with the police. He tries his best to stay away from trouble and behave. When Johnny gets into trouble he knows that it will be easier because of his record. Johnny tells Dally, “I ain’t got no record with the fuzz”(87). Johnny is proud that he stays away from trouble and it helps him in the end. However, Dally has an extremly long police record. He is proud of how long it is and acts like it is a good thing. Even his friends know it is long and does not phase them. Ponyboy tells Jerry, “Dallas has a record a mile long”(95). Ponyboy has no problem telling a stranger about his friend’s police record. Johnny and Dally are very different people when it comes to how they act around the …show more content…
Hinton’s novel The Outsiders, the characters Johnny Cade and Dally Winston, are similar in tremendous ways, but also entirely different. Johnny and Dally look at the world differently, and demonstrates why they are dissimilar. Living alone and doing everything himself made Dallas give harsh advice. On the other hand, living with friends made Johnny give Ponyboy helpful advice. Despite their differences in advice and criminal records, theses boys have many traits in common. Both Johnny and Dally idealize each other and have abusive parents. These two boys are similar yet very different found a way to become best

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