The Outsiders Book Vs Movie Essay

Books and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. The author’s work becomes a feature length movie entertaining more people than have ever even heard of the book. While many audience members leave the theater with their jaws on the floor, some audience members leave a little disappointed. They see all the details that the movie got wrong, big or small. Many movies fail to completely fulfill their original book’s ideas and plot lines. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is no exception to this rule. The Outsiders movie was far different from the book in many ways including deleted scenes, added scenes and different character descriptions. First of all, in the movie, there were many deleted scenes. The book’s exposition includes a scene of …show more content…
The movie failed to match all of the characters as they were described in the book. It missed that the character Two-Bit had long rusty colored sideburns. This was important to the book because it let you differentiate different characters. It would’ve been very useful to see that in the movie due to many characters being very similar to each other. The movie adaptation of Sodapop, Ponyboy’s brother, was missing his well known long blonde hair. Finally, the movie also fell behind in Dally’s character description. In the book, he was described to have an elfish face, with pointy teeth and ears. He looked like a hoodlum that had done too much and seen too much. The movie did not show this evil-looking, suspicious, scary guy that didn’t seem to be able to be trusted by anyone. In conclusion, The Outsiders and its book version were apart in many ways. Although the movie got many plot elements from the original book correct, the differences were more prevalent than the similarities. These differences included deleted scenes, added scenes and different character descriptions. The movie was great to watch, although reading the book beforehand would make the plot much easier to understand because the movie keeps the backstory vague. The movie got many things right, but the minor errors and differences really pop out to the careful viewer, leaving a positive or negative feeling in their

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