The Outlook On Standard Testing Essay

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The Outlook on Standard Testing
For many decades now, Standardized Test have been recognized and known as a “mutli-billion dollar industry”. The first test was in Imperial China not long after this was standard testing the next big thing in the United States. This idea of the test, rose up in the Industrial Revolution time era. Boston, Massachusetts was the first place in the United States to actually try out the standardized test. These test were used to test the students and teachers performance throughout the school year. There are many ways to prove that as students we are gaining the knowledge of what is being taught to us during our instruction time. This time can be very limited especially when it comes to having a deadline in a certain course, as to which all the material is supposed to be taught in that time frame. When a student has a big test, a sufficient amount of rest the night before and a good breakfast the next morning are all good doings when it comes to that test determining whether the student passes or fails. The real question is are these test beneficial, or are they a waste of time going over material just to memorize it for the test? Do students actually learn and gain knowledge from these standardized test, or do teachers just “teach the test”? Every state has their own test in Virginia we take what we know as SOL’s. The real controversy in this topic is to discuss whether or not these test are helpful for you kids. Throughout my days…

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