The Outbreak Of The Civil War Essay

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The events leading to the outbreak of the Civil War quickly snowballed and became much more severe than the previous ones. Leading up to the attack on Fort Sumter, the North and the South already had contrasting views on several issues not only on slavery, but also what the center of the economy should be based on and the limits of power the government ought to have. The Election of 1860 proved to be a breaking point for the South after Abraham Lincoln was elected. First and foremost, Lincoln was not even on any Southern ballots. In addition, the newly elected president was a Republican and having him lead the country would nearly destroy the Southern economy and ideals. Shortly following the election, the lower Southern states seceded, including South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, and formed the Confederate States of America. In the following weeks, the Confederates began occupying federal owned forts, but on specific fort located in South Carolina stook out. It made South Carolina look incredibly bad because it was the first state to secede, yet Union still had control over it. It was no surprise that neither region wished to surrender to the other when it came to the possession of Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Therefore, it was wise on Lincoln’s part for not surrendering for it would seem as if the Union is acknowledging the South’s secession, and it was clever for Davis to seize Fort Sumter. In order to show their seriousness to…

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