Reflection On The Ounce Of Prevention

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The Ounce of Prevention conference was an overall knowledgeable experience. I learned about organizations that have been in my community for years, which I never heard about. I was happy to know the successful people that were involved in our public health community. The impact that they made as a whole. Everyone working health industry were so passionate about their involvement. They even spoke about their motivation, life experiences, and why did they choose to work in this field. I noticed the most purpose of this experience was to network.
The first session I attended was: The Resiliency of Youth and Community Using the Social Determinants of Health: What it takes for Youth and Children to Thrive
In this session there was three programs
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INC- (Rebuild and Improve Grove Hall Together). The programs mission is to create, nature, establish, strengthen, mobile and coordinate resident and youth involvement in the neighborhood stabilization, economic development and community building effort in Dorchester and Roxbury. The goal is to have all of the Grove Hall residents involved in community building efforts. The vision for Project R.I.G.H.T., Inc., is to be an agency that is engaged and well-rounded with the community, and a supporter for the Grove Hall community. The program directors discussed these programs, demonstrated examples of the program’s efficiency and answered any questions that we had for …show more content…
She joined this youth program and her life changed, she was given resources to help her with her pregnancy and even after son was born. She has been with MATP for 4 years and she is truly grateful. At the end of the workshop we were given 15 minutes to network and get to know each other. I met the director of MATP and she was so excited to hear that I was interested in sex education. Overall my experience at ounce of prevention made me realized how passionate people can be about Health Promotion/Education. People devote their lives into these programs and believe that these programs will make a change in our community. Before Ounce of Prevention, I didn’t know about any of these programs, and as a child no one told me about them either. I was left with nothing to do after school, but to go home and watch television. That is a child’s worst nightmare. Health is very important, and the only way our community can prosper is to build healthy lives. Healthy lives build health communities. I enjoyed the food, and how it promoted healthy eating. The menu was filled with organic fruits and vegetable freshly grown. I regret not networking the right way, and I wasted such valuable time of getting to know the people I may see repeatedly in the near future. I think health clinics and other stakeholders should

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