Essay about The Ottoman Empire

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The Ottoman Empire circa 1299 was a powerful civilization that occupied an area between Europe and Asia. They were a unique group that practiced the Sunni view of Islam while governed using the Byzantine form of government. They transitioned from nomadic warriors into an organized and centralized state, and eventually a formidable empire. As the Empire grew it assimilated not only several cultural aspects of their rivals, but also many governing techniques. While many other groups had little regard for the common man, the Ottomans wanted these groups incorporated into their civilization. They respected the artisan, merchant, and common worker. By the middle of the 1400s the Ottomans had expanded their empire into the Balkan Peninsula. The Empire controlled areas a vast area stretching from the Moroccan border to Hungary, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Persian border. The Ottoman government went through several changes as the Empire expanded. In order to accommodate the expansion they had to adapt. “The expansion of the Empire called for a systematic administrative organization that developed into a dual system of military (Central Government) and civil administration (Provincial System) developed a kind of separation of powers with most higher executive functions carried out by the military authorities and judicial and basic administration carried out by civil authorities. Outside this system were various types of vassal and tributary states. Most of the areas ruled by…

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