The Other Wes Moore 's Success Essay

1470 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
No matter where people grow up, they all have a chance to be successful. Although it is not easy to be successful in this open society, people can still use their effort and push themselves in order to do that. The book “The Other Wes Moore” talks about two different people with the same name and similar experience in their childhood, but they have the extremely different life when they grow up. The author Wes Moore’s success stems from his supportive family and good education, leading him to the right track of success which has a great impact on his life.
Both Wes Moore live in poor communities, only author Wes Moore has the responsible parents to make him go to the right way, and reach for success. During both Wes Moore’s childhood, they are influenced by the poor communities, which have some negative impact on them, and lead them to perform poorly. Moore writes, “The constantly broken down elevators forced residents to climb claustrophobic, urine-scented stairways. And the drug game was everywhere, with a gun handle protruding from the top of every tenth teenager’s waistline” (27), which explains the reason why they are influenced by those communities. In the case of a poor community, both Wes Moore have followed some negative influence because there are so many poor behaviors surrounding them. However, only author Wes Moore’s parents give him the parental guidance, which shows author Wes Moore the right points and morality. Moore writes, “He picked me up and, as he sat…

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