The Other Wes Moore 's Life Essay example

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Throughout the duration of one 's life, a person will face thousands of decisions. These decisions could be minor or major but nevertheless, could play a significant role in the outcome of their life. Recently, myself alongside my peers, were forced to make a multitude of choices that will dictate and guide the rest of our lives. These choices included: what college to attend, major, payment plans, housing, and rather to attend a higher level of learning at all. The idea of these decisions having a massive impact on our careers and lives is clearly perceived through the story of "The Other Wes Moore". The book explains the differences between the successes and failures of two individuals named "Wes Moore" who grew up under remarkably similar circumstances. It delves into detail about how choices that seem so miniscule could enhance or ruin your life rather you mean for them to or not, and I believe this book can apply to a multitude of students walking onto campus for the first time.
Over this past summer I was faced with various personal challenges and tasks that could potentially alter my future entirely. My college options had been narrowed down to four based solely off body of work, co-ops, and prestige. After careful examination I made plans to tour each of the facilities to get an idea of what life and work on the campus ' would hold. I toured Cincinnati, Xavier, Miami, and Findlay, paying attention to all of the perks and details each school had to offer me. Walking…

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