The Other Wes Moore : Is It A Matter Of Luck, Environment, Or Big Money For Education

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What is the most important factor to become successful in life? Is it a matter of luck, environment, or big money for education? What kind of advantages anyone should possess in order stay on the right track? The author of the book “ The other Wes Moore” Wes Moore asks these question and answers them. He compares his own life and success with the man with the same name Wes Moore who spends his time in prison for life sentence. The author Wes Moore had advantages over the other Wes Moore like a wise and instructional mother that guided him in education, premature parenthood, and an author 's calm temper.

Where the author 's mother Joy succeeded and the other Wes 's mother Mary did not, both mothers were making their best in order to surround their sons with the beneficial environment. The author had a sensible mother who seems to be good at solving any issue with her son. Starting from moving with her parents when realized, that Joy is alone couldn 't provide needed support for her kids. Continuing the keen sense of necessity for private school for her son, despite the lack of finances. Finally, realizing on time that the author needed more severe discipline than he had been getting and putting all the funds to send Wes to military school. All mentioned above showed Joy as quickly and easily reciprocal parent that eventually was paid off with success of her son. Unlike the author 's mother, the other Wes 's mother Mary was ineffective as a parent. Despite her efforts to…

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