The Other Wes Moore : A Non Fiction Chronicling Life Of Two African American Boys

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The other Wes Moore is a non fiction chronicling life of two African American boys whose life took a ridiculous degree of divergence. It presents story of two boys from low-income family with similar background, where one turns out to be a Rhodes scholar, while the other ends up in prison for armed robbery and murder. Writer does not pretend to know why this happened nor holds the belief that a single event was catabolic in creating this chain reaction. The story is mostly descriptive, and writer presents the story as it is, leaving the readers to draw on their own conclusion. The author Wes Moore, and the other Wes Moore both grew up in Baltimore, without a father. Wes Moore(author) was leading a similar life as that of the other wes Moore until his mother sent him to a private military school, where he learnt discipline, and respect. Meanwhile, the other wes Moore wound up in drug-dealing gang. Perhaps this event was a major factor in their difference, perhaps it was amalgamation of everything leading up to this. The author went to John Hopkins and completed his studies, while the other wes Moore went a downward spiral and while robbing a jewellery store was responsible for death of a policeman. Myriad of social problem are found rampant in this book. Author has sometimes subtly and sometimes explicitly pointed out multiple factors that resulted in tough upbringing of two boys in a backward neighbourhood. Racism, racial tensions, poverty, government policies and public…

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