The Other Sister Character Analysis

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The movie The Other Sister portrayed a child with an intellectual and developmental disability specifically down syndrome. Carla Tate was a child who behavior as a young child her parents could not handle. Because she grew up in a rich and affluent family, she was sent away when she started to become a problem. The movie starts with her coming back home to become part of society once again. Carla is a motivated person who wants to gain her independence but struggles against a mother that thinks she needs protection.
The disability was not portrayed the best in the movie. The actors had a difficulty in portraying the severity of the disability the entire time. Since Carla was high functions the impacts of her disability had limited impact
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Since Carla want to become independent she had to develop practical skills. Carla learn that she could take the bus in order to get to different places. However, the movie had her doing this on her own but in reality she would have probably had her parents help plan her route. Carla also had to develop skills for taking care of herself. As a result of them both being on the same level it built social skills removing the common thing of being gullible. Naiveté was remove when they read The Joy of Sex.
The purpose that the disability served in the movie was no matter how different a person is from everyone around them they can be a part of society and find love. The movie reinforced the idea for Willowbrook 25 years later that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities should not be institutionalized their whole lives. The doctor at the institution thought the progress Carla had made was sufficient for her to be able to live in society. To make the movie cute the finding love was
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Carla had little few hardships fitting into society. Danny were probably be at a moderate level of intellectual and developmental disabilities. He need someone to pay his bills before receive this allowance for the month. states “92% of adults with mental disability live independently or with family members, while 8% live in an institution or group home.” Danny and Carla living out on their own is typical for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
The Other Sister is a poor example of what a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities would behave like. The movie cuts down people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It gave off the impression that it is okay to treat a person with a disability was subpar society. The movie had the actors saying perfect “retard” dialogue when that is not always the case. One instance was when Daniel got drunk at the country club. He made a speech where he said inappropriate

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