The Other Side Of The Bridge Essay

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Tragic turn of life
Loss, pain and suffering are stepping stones, slowly building and shaping an individual’s life. These tragic events help transform life, in sometimes drastic ways, that it has the power to mold and often determine one’s destiny itself. In the book, The Other Side of the Bridge, Mary Lawson incorporates this by demonstrating how tragic events continuously play a major role in shaping the destiny of the central characters. Despite the fact that traumatic events scar Ian Christopherson and Arthur Dunn for life, these incidents help them achieve what fate has set in store for them. On the contrary, such events cause a drift in the lives of two brothers, Jake Dunn and Arthur Dunn, defying whatever had been predestined for them.
The continuous misfortune that Ian Christopherson faces, helps to prepare him to fulfill his destiny. Ian Christopherson, the only son of the only doctor in Struan, a small, isolated town in the north, is expected by every individual in the town to succeed his father as the next doctor. The first event that leaves him in traumatic distress is being deserted by his mother, who leaves Ian and his father to be with his teacher, in hopes for a new life in Toronto. His thoughts help the reader to understand that although he feels close to his mother, in his opinion he does not have any significance in her life, “He’d heard of men abandoning their families, but never a woman. Never a mother” (Lawson 67) and “…he understood, finally, that he…

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