The Other Side Of The Bridge By Mary Lawson Essay

2283 Words May 10th, 2016 10 Pages
Hard work and determination are factors that influence compulsions of fulfilment in life. Compulsions, when intertwined with relationships provide an individual with a better understanding of oneself, due to the nature in which they come out as relationships grow. In The other side of the Bridge, Mary Lawson displays this central aspect of Ian 's relationships as compulsions that overtake his emotional and physical state which eventually better his understanding of himself as an individual. Ian’s relationship with Laura conveys what true affection and nurturing is, emulated through her family, and his relationship with Jake and Arthur representing how brute jealousy can be a formidable bond; in addition, to his parents that reflect his comprehension of marriage reflected through the end of their marriage. Ultimately, these relationships shape Ian’s self-awareness and dictate his control on the adversities that he faces and handles as he matures. Ian attributes the happiness of the Dunn’s family to Laura who keeps the bond between the family shown by her unconditional care for her children and her husband; although, this layer of affection is truly understood by Ian later on. Ian recognizes the significance of affection towards one another and shapes his view towards how/what it means to love someone. Ian’s affection towards Laura starts from their church meetings, eventually leading him to take up a job at the Dunn’s farm just to be closer to her. Ian thinks, “If he had…

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