The Other Hand Huxley 's Background Is On The Fundamental Human Principles Of Fairness And Justice

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On the other hand Huxley’s background is centered in fear of man falling victim to technology instead of controlling it (Among The Ruins). Huxley uses sarcasms to describe what is happening in the 1930’s with respect to the direction of science and the formation of moral ideas. Huxley’s fear of masses and wanting to do something to warn the masses is why he wrote (Aldous Huxley). He felt that the things that actually made people happy were inferior to the culture that he respected (Aldous Huxley). By understanding the authors’ points of view during the period they wrote their novels, the comparison of the three major aspects of the works becomes more clear. Happiness is present in both societies, but I feel More’s pursuits are found in uncomplicated examples, those that focus on inner peace. In More’s ideal society, happiness focuses on the fundamental human principles of fairness and justice (Thomas More). More finds the “true pleasure” of happiness in the human mind and body. The pleasure of the mind comes from knowledge and truth, as well as examination of one’s life over a lifetime. The, “well spent life” and the “unquestioning hope of happiness to come” compliment the pleasure of one’s mind (More 64). The pleasure from one’s body is found in, “The calm and harmonious state of the body, its state of health when undisturbed by any disorder” (More 64). The happiness of the body is found by delighting the human senses (More 64). More highlights balance, nothing in…

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