The Other Hand By William Faulkner Essay

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On the other hand, Faulkner illustrates how whites in society aim to maintain or elevate their economic and societal status and how the treatment and association with blacks and women could affect their status. Faulkner’s, Absalom, Absalom!, uses the protagonist, Thomas Sutpen, to display the behaviors and mannerism white plantation owners, or white men with power, had to embody in order to maintain their status; this included their relationship and treatment of blacks and women. His novel suggests that racism has persisted until today because of how society socialized white males to believe that they are ultimately supreme. Thomas Sutpen, as illustrated in the novel, was molded by society into an oppressive man made by a system of socialization. Faulkner describes Sutpen’s actions, outlines the disdain and hatred of those around him and toward him without context; then at the end of the novel, he explains why Sutpen is the way he is. How he was treated and how he now treats others are all affects of his socialization and desire to become like that of a plantation owner. Analyzing this novel and understanding how economic status also defines an individual’s societal behaviors and mannerism, further explains why racism continues to be an intricate part of our everyday lives.
Du Bois links racism to economic incentives, while Faulkner links societal mannerisms and status to show how racism has become imbedded in out society in his novel Absalom, Absalom!. Du Bois links it to…

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