The Other Hand By Jimmy Santiago Baca And Curandera Essay

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There are many different ways that a poem can be portrayed. A poem can be used to express certain emotions or feelings towards a particular thing or subject, or it can simply be used to tell a story. It can be about life, love, or even death. The poems “I am offering this poem to you,” by Jimmy Santiago Baca and “Curandera,” by Pat Mora are both great compelling poems with interesting qualities. Jimmy Santiago Baca’s poem is a love poem. It is about a poor man in love who cannot afford to buy his love extravagant gifts, who therefore offers to give his love and affection instead. Pat Mora’s poem on the other hand is a sad narrative poem about the life of a Curandera, a person who uses herbal remedies to help heal people. The Curandera is an old aged woman who is one with nature. These poems have some similarities and differences. The similarities and differences can be found in the way the authors used the elements of poetry to portray the tone, mood, and theme of their poems. The authors of these poems, Baca and Mora, were able to use the elements of poetry to illustrate the tone of their poems. Baca used repetition and figures of speech to depict the tone of his poem. The tone of Baca’s poem is very sincere and loving. He uses metaphor to explain and compare what his love is like. Baca also repeats the line “I love you” a couple of times to show how much he really love the person he is writing the poem to. “It’s all I have to give,/ and it’s all anyone needs to live” (24,…

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