The Other Hand By Jean Rhys Essay

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In a traditional novel, the author composes the story to describe fictional character and events usually in the form of a sequence. On the other hand, Jean Rhys subverts traditional literary structure by having multiple characters narrate the story. Rhys wrote the novel to include racial, gender and cultural identity to help the reader understand what it meant to be a ‘Jamaican mad women’ rather than just a mad woman. She uses the three factors to give the story meaning. By having more than one narrator as well as racial, gender, and cultural identity, it sets an impact on the story to give it more originality. “ In Wide Sargasso Sea, the young blacks call Antoinette “ white cockroach” and “white nigger,” epithets for Euro-Creole woman who, as Nunez-Harrell points out, bears the brunt of guilt for the history of slavery and the cruelties perpetrated by her ancestors.” (p. 165) The fact that Antoinette is white yet she is still considered inferior to the slaves sets an excellent example of the three facts that are used to build the story to give visualization of what means to be a white creole woman.

The fact that Rhys has Annette start off the narration of Wide Sargasso Sea allows the reader the see the main character Antoinette through her daughter’s perspective. This plays an important role because it shows how her struggle foreshadows Antoinette’s future. The foreshadowing of what happens to Annette that will happen to Antoinette’s life is the fact that she…

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