The Origins Of War Essay examples

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The origins of war can be traced back to the primitive days when skills and tools, employed in hunting, spawned the ability for killing. In conjunction with the development of basic weaponry, a mix of environmental, demographic, and subsistence factors led to increasing complexity and material needs that fueled conflict. Over the last 500 years, western and western and non-western ways of war and the trajectory of conflict between states and non-state actors shared many basic commonalties, yet followed very different paths. Countless military and technological changes enhanced the lethality of warfare and affected the tactics of western and non-western entities of the present-day. The once-dominant western methodology failed to evolve and relied on outdated tactics. As a result of the present ways of war, the reliance and effectiveness of western strategies in emerging conflicts are coming into question.

Universal factors affected the evolution of war on both sides. War co-evolves as one societal sector in conjuncture with five others: political economy, political organization, military organization, weaponry, and threat environment. These basic factors transformed war on both Political organization, which determined a nation’s means of production; political organization; threat environments, and production greatly enhanced or degraded evolution. The west, enhanced by efficient production experienced population growth and stronger political organizations. As a result,…

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