Essay on The Origins Of The United States

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The movement known as the Manifest Destiny is based on the ideology that America was destined by God to expand their territory over immense areas. Although the settlers might not had wanted to take this certain approach, their movement was mainly an aggressive one for the first half of the ninetieth century. Americans had expanded their boundaries through conflict and treaties. The Manifest Destiny also involved the calamitous removal of inhabitants from their homes. The significance of these events caused a chain of reactions involving spreading of ideals and other advancements. The idea that the U.S. was destined by God to expand, created new areas of territory. One of the first events to significantly expand the country’s boundaries was the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. President Jefferson had accepted France’s offer to buy the Louisiana Territory for 80 million francs after Napoleon lost the ambition to create an empire in America. A potential war struggle was averted when American ships could not use the Mississippi River and the proposal to buy New Orleans and Louisiana Territory was sent to Napoleon. In 1819, the Missouri Compromise had annexed Missouri to the country. However, conflict aroused about whether Missouri should be a free or slave state because of the disruption of balance. After two years, they agreed on Missouri being a slave state and Maine a free state; this also included declaring the 36°30’ parallel of the Louisiana Territory to prohibit slavery.…

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