The Origins Of The Suffrage Campaign Essay

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The 1890s is known as the first-wave of feminism in New Zealand. During this period New Zealand woman and women 's groups such as The Women 's Christian Temperance movement began to campaign for issues that were important to them, including women 's suffrage. In 1893, after a tireless effort from many, New Zealand became the first country to grant women the vote. In this essay I am going to discuss the origins of the suffrage campaign including; The Women 's Christian Temperance Movement and the purification of society, the course of the campaign and finally the consequences that the women 's vote had on New Zealand.
The recently formed Women 's Christian Temperance Movement (WCTU) took up the campaign for the vote in 1885. The movement was strongly linked to church and had the motto ‘For God, Home and Humanity.’ The WCTU had previously been involved in a temperance movement and this was one of the main reasons they decided to campaign for the vote. According to Wood “social climate had the greatest effect on mobilising women into a combined effort to rid themselves of laws that discriminated against them.” Drunkenness and crime were two major reasons why women made the move to throw off the shackles that prevented their recognition as equals with men. The vote became imperative if the lot of women and children were to improve. ” The women 's vote did have many purposes, but improving the low moral level of society at that time was easily the most important. Many…

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