The Origins Of The Fishin ' Song Essay

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The Fishin’ Song, these are the words that lulled me to sleep each night as a child. My dad’s deep, gruff voice never sounded as stern as he half whispered, half sang the words, slowly and rhythmically. There was always something magical to the song, it could soothe the fussiest baby and send any stubborn child into dreamland no matter who was singing the song. The origins of The Fishin’ Song go back four generations to my great-grandfather who sang it to my grandfather and to my father. Never has it truly been written down or recorded and research has never been able to find a song quite like my great-grandfather’s Fishin’ Song. All our knowledge, including the strict rule of having only a two syllable names replace the word baby in the song, is strictly verbal. It is a piece of verbal history that will continue to be sung to future generations in our family, both keeping our history alive and the memory of my great-grandfather alive. The Fishin’ Song is not the only oral history in our family in fact, most of our history is kept alive by the stories my parents and grandparents have told me. Even the story of how my mother named me is kept alive by the stories she and my grandmother constantly tell.
Five years before I was born, my great-grandmother passed away and though I have never met her, she gave me one my key sense of self; my name. One of her final requests before she passed away was to see her great-grandchildren again, requesting my brother Jason, my sister…

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