The Origins Of The European Colonization Essay

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The origins of the European colonization can be traced back to several various starting points. However, it was European nationalism and ideologies that would crave up the continent of Africa throughout the nineteenth century. Many African nations where seized, and controlled by the European powers. Additionally, the mission of many European countries such as Portugal, England, and France wanted to spread Christianity among the natives. Also, the European nations sought to take control of the natural resources that had been discovered in the African nations that were controlled by Europeans. Despite European influences and ideologies many African nations resisted the colonization from the European powers. However, “when African states directly resisted European encroachments, the costs were high” (Gilbert and Reynolds 268). Two different African nations that embodied the resistances of colonization, and the European influences and ideologies were the people from Sudan, and the Congo. The people from the Sudan fought against the British imperialism and colonialism meanwhile, in Congo it was the Belgium and King Leopold II that were securing a foothold in Africa. The technological advances in weaponry were far superior for the Europeans compared to their counterparts. “European armies began to adopt breechloaders in the 1840s” (Gilbert and Reynolds 268) and by the mid-nineteenth century England would adopt their entire armed forces to breechloaders. The significance…

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